Sustainability is about looking ahead and finding ways of doing things better. We partner with and support organisations that champion businesses committed to a more sustainable future.


To make travel a joyful experience, one must have a cluster of resources at hand. We have an abundance of talented people who can pull all our assets together to create for you the perfect luxury vacation.

We work with ecologi.com who partners with environmental organisations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through tree planting, investing in carbon reduction technologies and renewable sources.

Ecologi’s responsible approach to tree planting is evident in their partnership with local governments and communities. They plant trees, then maintain them – and pay the locals who do the work fairly.

Supporting communities

A minimum of 10% of their trees are agroforestry species, meaning that local farmers can gain food security and sustainable income from them.

They also aim to provide alternative fuel sources for local villages so they rely less on charcoal.

People, Planet and Prosperity

We believe in the triple bottom line approach that companies should strive to be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

People – The positive and negative impact a company has on its most important stakeholders – its employees, families, customers, suppliers, communities.

Planet – A business’s impact on the environment. This can be positive or negative, including reducing its carbon footprint and usage of natural resources but also actively removing waste – and restoring biodiversity if necessary.

Prosperity – The positive and negative impact an organisation has on the local, national and international economy. This includes creating employment, generating innovation, paying taxes, wealth creation and any other economic impact an organization has.