Let me introduce myself. I was born in Riga, Latvia, a country with strong Baltic winds and rich heritage. I had the privilege of attending a gymnasium that emphasised languages, including Latin. However, I must admit that I would not remember a word of it now!

At the age of 13, I moved to Ireland, where I experienced a complete culture and accent shock. Despite having an impressive command of the English language, I felt that my skills were rendered useless due to the strong accents and unusual phrases. But I was determined to succeed.

After finishing secondary school in Co. Kildare, I attended the Technological University of Dublin, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Marketing. I have always been passionate about tourism and travel, and my original dream was to become an exotic travel agent and explore the world. However, I landed a job in an incoming DMC, which quickly became my first love and passion for many years.

Eventually, I wanted to try something different and briefly worked in sales and marketing for a luxury hotel chain in Ireland. Unfortunately, I quickly realised that the job was not for me. However, I don’t regret taking the job, as this is where I met my husband, and we went on to have two beautiful children.

After leaving the hotel industry, I returned to working in the DMC industry, eventually establishing my own company with my values and work ethics. I believed that by being true to myself, I could build value and get customers. Surprisingly, this approach worked, and since then, Tiernan Travel has been thriving and growing every year.

At Tiernan Travel, we believe in providing a unique and personalised travel experience for each and every one of our clients. So, whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation, we’ll make sure that your trip is unforgettable!



To make travel a joyful experience, one must have a cluster of resources at hand. We have an abundance of talented people who can pull all our assets together to create for you the perfect luxury vacation.

Kristine Bileskalne


Finola Rigby

Finola Rigby


Zach Jones

Group Operations Manager.

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